When living in a house boat there is no hassle on dealing with traffic,since most people work from the house boat others do walk or use a bike to either go to work or shopping. When living in house boat you do not pay property tax since it is not considered as a real property such as a house but it is regarded as a personal property just like a car.Depending on where your boat is or where you go to sail wildlife like whales, dolphins, turtles and many other can be easy to spot. Purchasing a house boat at http://nicealleppeyhouseboats.com is cheaper than buying a land housing lets say a five bedroom house.


It easier to see the view when living on the house boat since there is no building blocking the sunset or sunrise view.There is a limit of house boat compared to land housing and this makes the boat house expensive but they can be a future investment when you consider selling it.There are a different types of house boats depending on the or the shape that you see suits you best.If you do not like yard work then living in a house boat is ideal for use since you just surrounded by the water.Living in houseboats is peaceful and one has total serenity.



You do not have to have constant neighbours, just sail and change the slips.Food is always available,one can do fishing anytime they want this helps avoid the long ques at the grocery store.Sleeping in a house boat is soothing this is because of the natural motion of the water.Living in a house makes life simple since you only have the most important essentials in the boat. Living on a boat aids in using less resources such as water, electricity and fuel you get accustomed in using natural agents.The minute you get to buy the house boat it does not depreciate in value unlike cars.House boats do have different designs and patterns that you can use which best suits your personality. Mobility is easier when living on a house and when moving you do not have to pack just sail to another slip.Once you buy the boat you do not have to worry about the delivery since the manufacturers do it for you.Loving on a house boat is embracing the new term technology.Living on a house also gives a romantic feel for couples living together. Get more facts about houseboats at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kettuvallam